Andy's Homepage

Hi, welcome to my webpage! My name is Andy Choi and I am a freshman at Brea Olinda High School.
Some of the activities I participate and hobbies of mine are basketball, tennis, GITA, and Key Club.
A couple goals of mine are to get good enough grades and be accepted into my dream schools, which
include UCLA and Harvey Mudd. Here are some of my projects, feel free to click on them to download them.
To download the latest version of Visual Studio for yourself, click here!

Goodbye! Project

September 14th 2018

This project tells you how to say goodbye in different languages.

Help Page

September 19th 2018

This project is a help page for the companies that we created, using the logo from the logo project.

Mailing Label

September 24th 2018

This project allows you to create a correct mailing label using the information from the text.

Car Rental

September 28th 2018

This program allows you to calculate the cost of car rentals. You enter your address in the text boxes and enter in the distance driven with the rental car as well as the number of days used.

BMI Calculator

October 4th 2018

This program can calculate the BMI of others using the entered weight and height.

Car Rental 2

October 10th 2018

This program is essentially an upgrade to the original Car Rental program. This new program includes the options for leather and better speakers, as well as three different types of cars.

Test Scores

October 15th 2018

This program requires two test scores to be entered into the text boxes. It will then determine which of the two scores is higher and the average test scores for the two scores calculated.

Dice Roll

October 22nd 2018

This program simulates the event of two dice being rolled. As you roll, the probability of rolling each number will be calculated.

Craps Game

October 30th 2018

This program runs the popular casino game Craps.

Slot Machine

November 5th 2018

This program simulates a casino slot machine. The program keeps track of the grand total and losses.

Shirt Sales

November 26th 2018

This project is a cashier program for a shirt store. This program can calculate manager stats, the total price of all orders, and account for add-ons including monograms and pockets.

NCAA College Bowl Series

December 10th 2018

This project displays the season scores for both NCAA college football teams as well as their bowl history. Radio buttons can be used to choose your favorite team of the two. A help page for each of the teams is also available if needed.

Fish 1

January 7th 2019

This project simulates the movement of a fish in a fishtank. The fish can move left and right randomly, and can also be put on Auto. The Auto can controlled by either speeding up or slowing down.

Fish 2

January 16th 2019

This project simulates the movement of a fish as well as the addition of a shark in a fishtank. The auto button will now put both the shark and fish on auto. If the shark ends up on the same slot as the fish, the shark will eat the fish.


January 29th 2019

This project uses the number given in the textboxes to display how many numbers are shown depending on whether the sequence, factorial, even, or odd numbers are asked for.


February 4th 2019

This project allows the user to play the popular game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Basic AI

February 21st 2019

This project uses AI to follow the player. Move the AI with the arrow keys. Shoot the bullet using the spacebar. If the AI catches the player then the player will lose health. If the bullet hits the AI then the AI will lose health. Beat the AI to win.


March 1st 2019

This project simulates the movement of a ship through a starfield.

Space Invaders

March 14th 2019

This project allows the user to play the popular Space Invaders game.

Final Project : Bunker Siege

March 21st 2019

This is my final project for GITA 1 2018-2019.